Day 3 – Sweet Tooth Satisfaction!

Today’s first was effortless.. perfect for a rainy day.  Ventured into the Buttery Bakery for the first time and bought a Pecan Sandy, suggested by the lovely barista, Richard (seen in pic).  Hand made deliciousness.  Only needed 1/2 it was so rich, made a street corner stranger pretty happy when I paid the second half forward.. sharing is caring 🙂


About the Bakery:

“Everything we serve at The Buttery is made here—Except for the bread, which is made off-site by Janet’s husband’s company, Golden Sheaf. We use homemade recipes scaled up to serve our many customers. We use all of the wonderful ingredients that the Central Coast has to offer and always use local sources when available. Santa Cruzans appreciate good food made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. A successful business depends on an appreciative audience. It is a symbiotic relationship and we strive to never lose sight of our relationship with the people we serve.”

Also came across a wonderful pictured quote today:


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