Day 79

Free Intro Lesson (piano) at “Simply Music”









“And one at the keyboard has an unrealized power to take a small trip, a completely satisfying journey or nothing at all. But to ponder upon what is before them as many have traveled well enough to succeed in their visions. 

It is an extension of all that what human ingenuity and the appreciation of the craft in making sounds and rhythmic elements that can influence thought, emotion and feelings of accomplishment. Here sits a tool of versatile expression, relating to all that has come before it, both through history and its ability to communicate with others if not of the self, in the appreciation of music and what it can mean. 

And when your traveling is done, be it a modest walk or a grand expedition through time or a steady, sensual plane, then one would have to delight in such a discovery that can be so accomplished with little effort. 

Especially in the love for piano and the music it can provide us all. Even in our most private moments in time, no matter what simple efforts we can make. It can be an adventure. “


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