Day 39

First time for myself and a great group of friends at Audium – a ‘theater of sound sculptured space’.


Asako all smiles pre-show..


Tom and Tammy..


Audium is the only theatre of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music. The theatre’s 176 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over, and under them. “Sound sculptures” are performed in darkness in the 49-seat theatre.

Joyce, Haley and Kate K about to take the plunge:



When the concept of AUDIUM began taking shape in the late 1950’s, space was a largely unexplored dimension in music composition. The composer who suspected space capable of revealing a new musical vocabulary found his pursuit blocked by the inadequacy of audio technology and performance spaces.

Because of an unusual combination of art and technology — AUDIUM’s creators, composer Stan Shaff and equipment designer Doug McEachern, were both professional musicians — AUDIUM’s conception and realization were able to evolve jointly. AUDIUM is the only theatre anywhere constructed specifically for sound movement, utilizing the entire environment as a compositional tool.



We are conceived in sound
we grow
and emerge in its wake.
Our history is a collection
of sound sensations,
experiences, emotions
All uniting into an aural identity.
It is this ocean
of recollections, sound images,
dreams, memories
We share.

— Stan Shaff, Composer

One thought on “Day 39

  1. The darkness must have been incredible….intensifies other senses…hasn’t reached NYC yet but I would definitely go!

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