Day 35

Headed to Musée Mécanique in Fisherman’s Wharf en route home from client.  Once again, open the eyes a bit wider and you can slide some amazing things into your day!  Serendipity in action allowed for the adventure to be shared with a dear friend, Katy K.  Time spent with her adds days to my life, that I am convinced of :).


*note from picture: location is pier 45 on embarcadero, free admission, “fun for all ages”..damn straight!


(got away with an extra 65 lbs..phew..)



This is awesome: Katy Kunkle dominates the arm wrestling machine..

1. hmm.. shall I take this monstrous pec and bicep combo on?


2. Hells yes I will 🙂




Phew! After that 20 minutes of antique arcade game playin’ out feetsies need a lil’ massage (or crazy vibration ?!?)


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