Day 10

Live music at Phil Lesh’s digs with Nik and Seraphina  – Terrapin Crossroads (see bottom of blog for more info on venue, great place!)



How Terrapin Crossroads Came To Be

For years now, our family has talked about creating a home away from home, where we could play and listen to music together, while also finding a way to reach out to our community.  We find so much value in the arts and feel that so many outlets have shaped our lives, and given us perspective on the world and all its moving parts.  A few years ago, we seriously started researching what it would take to truly embark on this adventure.  After considering various options, an array of locations and ever-morphing ideas, we were very lucky to come across the wonderful venue located at 100 Yacht Club Drive.  The minute we walked through, we knew the shell had the bones and the promise to build a fantastic musical and culinary home.  We are so blessed to be right here in Marin, and so excited to bring so much of what our family has experienced to the communities around us.  We hope you enjoy the ride!


The Grateful Dead are known primarily as a San Francisco band, owing to their very short but very important time living in The City, and being the true embodiment and co-creators of “The San Francisco Sound.” But by 1970, the band had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, with San Rafael becoming the hub of all Grateful Dead activity from 1970 to 1995. So to be accurate, the Grateful Dead was essentially a San Rafael band.

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