Day 11- Mori Point – Rugged Promontory



Today’s first – Mori Point, Pacifica CA (and a quick diversion* pictured at bottom of blog* to something that has always caught my eye on Highway 1!) This was well worth the 30 minute excursion if you find yourself driving on the PCH in the Bay Area..I would suggest spring time, apparently a great spot for wildflowers blooming at their peak!


Though Mori was beautiful, I had more fun at the diversion so be sure to scope it out 😉

More info on Mori: “Thanks to community volunteers the 32-acre wetland park now has trails, red-legged frog ponds, and a revived habitat for the San Francisco garter snake, once North America’s most endangered reptile.”

  • The terrain here is varied; walks around Mori Point range from a level and easy 0.5-mile stroll to a steep and challenging 1.5-mile hike.
  • Parking is available on Mori Point Road or Bradford Way.
  • Walk to the tip of the promontory for stunning views
  • Stroll down to Laguna Salada and listen for the croaking of the red-legged frog.
  • Walk barefoot on the black sands of Sharp Park Beach.
  • During WWII, workers used a pulley system of long cables attached to cement anchors to pull buckets of sand ashore. Several of these crumbling blocks remain on the western hillside.

The Tangent:






What it is: (says google..)

This is an old WW2 bunker that used to be part of the mountain. Back in the early seventies a billionaire from Texas bought the land to build a huge mansion on. Unfortunately he never cleared it with the County or the coastal Commission. Just started grading and bulldozing the top of the mountain. His plan was to use the old bunker as his wine cellar.
As you might guess the County and state were not happy with him as he was having them just push all the dirt and rock right off the mountain.
They set up a court order for him to stop. He got mad and told them to stick it! At the there was no fine system in place and he was allowed to just walk away.

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