Day 31- a taste of nature’s music – Fall Creek

What Magic.  Isn’t it wild to think of the interconnectedness of the roots of the trees in a redwood forest?  The entire forest is actually one large organism.  As we look at the individual trees, it is easy to forget that what allows them to grow so tall and keeps them so stable is the vastContinue reading “Day 31- a taste of nature’s music – Fall Creek”

Day 30- Bubble Yum in SLO

Today’s First – Walked down Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA This was awesome! Thought it was a joke when I read about it online. (btw there is a candy shop located conveniently 1 block away on Higuera should you, like myself, not be one to carry bubblegum) “Bubblegum Alley is a tourist attractionContinue reading “Day 30- Bubble Yum in SLO”

Day 29 – Santa Barbara Sunset

Today’s first  – watched the sunset (tailend of it!) from Arroyo Burro State Beach in Santa Barbara (aka Hendry’s beach by local residents).  It was one of those sandy sunsets that enlivens the soul, wish I had pictures to do it justice.  But you had to be there.. romanced by the smell of the sea,Continue reading “Day 29 – Santa Barbara Sunset”

Day 28 – DIY Scrabble Letter Coasters

Today’s first:  Craft project (super quick and easy!)  Coaster making with cork and Scrabble Letters.  You can order the letters on Amazon for a few bucks and pick up cork/glue at a local crafts store.  We were lazy and grabbed a few coasters from our hotel bar 🙂 Fun times.. getting creative always feeds theContinue reading “Day 28 – DIY Scrabble Letter Coasters”

Day 27- Heels over Head!

Today’s first for the ‘1 new thing a day for 100 days’ NY res was acroyoga with my older sis, Fran.  She was a ROCKSTAR base, I was super impressed by her.  I have minimal to no experience as a ‘flyer’ (the person up air), but from the little I do, I know theContinue reading “Day 27- Heels over Head!”

Day 26 -Outdoor sidewalk chess with Sis Fran – alas, a draw…

Today’s First: Played outdoor chess with my sister, we are down in Carlsbad for some sister time.  Game ended in a draw (tie).  What I like most about doing this blog is that it gives me the accountability to learn something I perhaps wouldn’t be inclined to given my typical daily ‘routine’. A bit aboutContinue reading “Day 26 -Outdoor sidewalk chess with Sis Fran – alas, a draw…”

Day 25 – purchased (76.5% financed a pre owned Vdub..still hasn’t hit me!

Well my goodness today was certainly a first for this minimalist!  I flew from San Jose to Los Angeles ( The dealer agreed  to pay for flight, good lesson on the benefits of negotiation!).   I have been in the market for a car for sometime now, felt good to find a good deal afterContinue reading “Day 25 – purchased (76.5% financed a pre owned Vdub..still hasn’t hit me!”

Day 24 – Bison Bliss

Today’s First: Scoped out the Bison Paddock in Golden Gate Park. Very interesting facts..had not realized GGP once served as a breeding ground for these folks.. AMERICAN BISON: OUR LARGEST LIVING AMERICAN TREASURE *The bison is the largest living animal native to North America. Standing more than six feet tall at the shoulder and weighingContinue reading “Day 24 – Bison Bliss”

Day 23- 11b at PG

Today’s first was getting up an 11B rated climb at Planet Granite, SF.  I have only had success up to 11A routes till now.. Thanks for the push, rockstar Paul! This does a great job of breaking down Rock Climbing Ratings – from 5.0 to 5.15: **Of course climbing OUTSIDE is way more challenging thanContinue reading “Day 23- 11b at PG”

Day 22 – Monarch Marvel

Today’s First: Attempted to see the monarchs in their habitat (thought they had left the area to continue their migration, but heard some only went a couple of miles south from Natural Bridges State Park to Lighthouse Field State Park). After exploring the area as advised by the info center, I was convinced I wasContinue reading “Day 22 – Monarch Marvel”