Day 89 – funny who you meet when you are tying your shoes!

Was tying my shoe when a lil’ dude asked me “are you gonna use “Ian’s method?!?” with more energy than I have felt in years.. and shoot I have a lot of energy.  Who the heck is Ian? I’m thinking but the wide eyed boy by my feet merited an “OF COURSE!” in reply.  NeedlessContinue reading “Day 89 – funny who you meet when you are tying your shoes!”

Day 83

Richardson Bay Audubon Society and Sanctuary Ways to enjoy our Center & Sanctuary Bird watch Hike our 1/2 mile trail Check out an Exploration backpack Join a drawing class Join a bird walk – 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:15am Have a picnic Explore our beaches Volunteer Tour Lyford House Join an education programContinue reading “Day 83”

Day 82

First: watched ASAP Science while aboard Virgin America (youtube channel).Section that stood out at me: “Amazing facts that will blow your mind Part 1”. 1.  Cashews grow on apples2. Mushrooms are more closely related to animals than to plants (this actually was not that surprising)3. trees grow out of the air, not the ground4. thereContinue reading “Day 82”

Day 81

Definite FIRST!  Officially became a Godmother to the cutest Godson ever.. Aidan Joseph Hardy.   While my church is the outdoors, my lovely older sister still chose to ask me to embrace this special role and I found the experience in her church quite special.   Magical day.   Fun sidenote ‘first’.. my mass forContinue reading “Day 81”