Day 58

First: Scrawled up Ingleslide Terrace Sundial – had no idea this even existed until a few days ago! “Unless you live near Ocean Avenue, or read a rare reference about it, there’s a good chance you don’t know that a big white sun dial exists. Because it stands within the original circular configuration of whereContinue reading “Day 58”

Day 56

Aquarium of the Bay – amazing what you can squeeze into a lunch break with a good friend and a lil’ planning.. 🙂    Aquarium of the Bay is a public aquarium located at Embarcadero and Beach Street, at the edge of Pier 39 in San Francisco, California. The Aquarium is focused on local aquaticContinue reading “Day 56”

Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.

Yep, Bay Area Folks, this gem is right in our backyard.  Could spend a lifetime exploring Pt Reyes National Seashore.  Short video for you, plus pics and logistics. Hope you decide to go! *kinda sketchy part of trail to get down to the beach to see the waterfall in full action. there is an optionContinue reading “Day 53 Ala-mazing-mere Falls – whoa.”

Day 52

Today’s first:  Yoga Exhibition kickoff at Asian Art Museum with Aleka – experience was cool. Company was priceless. I am continually amazed during this lifetime when I find my path crossed with another ‘being’ who’s energy feels so aligned my core being.  A truly fresh breath of air and reminder that we are a teenyContinue reading “Day 52”

Day 51

SFFD FIRE MUSEUM & SAFETY LEARNING CENTER (first shared with Teena*) 655 Presidio Avenue (Get Directions) San Francisco, CA 94115-2424 *In the below pic is Teena Berman. I am fortunate to know this woman, there is something special about this woman. She exudes a rare confidence without arrogance, a vibe that inspires me to follow my own heartContinue reading “Day 51”


Goodness gracious how the time flies. Today’s ‘never done that’:  Tacos at Joe’s with new and awesome on many fronts friend, Brandi HISTORY: The Legend of Joe and his Tacos Born to the tough streets and hard-scrabble youth of South Philly, Joe turned itinerant bohemian, a lifestyle that took him across the country in searchContinue reading “Day 50 HALF WAY THERE!”

Day 49

China Brotsky Art Gallery: Healing Spirit Boats “open your heart and take the journey”.    fascinating what one can encounter when they pop their head around the corner..  San Francisco Thoreau Center Thoreau Center for Sustainability San Francisco is a thriving 150,000 square foot nonprofit center located in the historic Presidio, a national park inContinue reading “Day 49”