Day 14

Cable Car Museum – one of those attractions being a local I probably have biked by hundreds of times in oblivion.  Took 10 minutes out of my day… (In fact, on that note – this one new thing per day is making me that much more cognizant of how crucial time management is to fulfilling our day (not FILLING our day with nonsense, but feeling fulfilled when we lay down to sleep.  Be sure to respect yourself enough to get OFFline and out in the world soaking in something that has meaning to you.  Because life is flyin’ by, may as well enjoy the ride ;)).  




this is the “Grip” – kinda like a pair of pliers that reaches in and clamps onto the moving cable, then the car is pulled along with the Grip.  apparently the strength of the grip on the cable can vary (loose, car pulled slow – tight, car full speed of 9.5mph. makes sense).     Also learned it can support 10 tons. cool stuff. 


This is the Clay Street Hill Railroad grip car No. 8. The only surviving car from the original 1873
fleet, making it the oldest cable car in the world…





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One Response to Day 14

  1. Great advice! Lot’s of wisdom for a young lady!

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